Art in ExplorationCreative Expression on an Everest Expedition

This project will gather and produce the first HD panorama interactive documentary of a Mt. Everest summit expedition experience from the artists-eye.

During the Bending Horizons 2015 Mt. Everest Summit Expedition, artist Dr. Sarah Jane Pell will upload HD 360-degree video and visualisations of unique Art (expression) made on location, paired with the relevant GPS location, altitude and body sensor data, and creative insights into the experience. Audiences will be invited to share in this unique live ‘expression’ of the extreme-performance via the Bending Horizons expedition website. This project will culminate an interactive exhibition and the first HD panorama interactive documentary of a Mt. Everest summit expedition experience from an artist’s perspective. Pell aims to make a unique contribution to the field in her attempt to record the condition of extreme performance in exploration. Also see: Body (performance) and Tech (Interactivity).

360 degree Alps Artwork on Everest Digital artwork data

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, "Bending Horizons" Pre-departure visualisations linking expeditionary art to Mt. Everest summit to audiences.

The History of Artists on Everest

In 1953, Alfred Gregory reached 8500 metres in support of Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s successful summit of Mt. Everest. He was the official stills photographer for the expedition and his images convey the incredible beauty of the Himalaya in an era when the area was still a pristine environment. His awareness of the need to present the expedition as an art form was always of great importance to him.

In 1989, Australian climber Roderick Mackenzie become the 271st person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. While up there, he captured a 360 degree panorama of the view from the top in photo media.

In 2013, Apa Sherpa, the only man in history to reach the top of the world 21 times, enabled Everest Media Productions and 360Heros Set gain the title for the First Fully Spherical HD 360 Degree Video Filmed on the Summit of Mount Everest.

Dedication to Expeditionary Artists

In 2001, I had the honour of meeting Alfred Gregory the official photographer of the first successful summit of Mt. Everest. Alf had eyes so reflective, it was as if he still shone light from the mountain peak itself. He and his wife Sue presented me with a book of sublime photographs, and shared a glimmer of what might be yet possible 'up there'. Alfred passed away in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. It is with gratitude that I dedicate Bending Horizons to the memory of Alfred Gregory. The risks and gifts of expeditionary-artists benefit us all.

Discovery Sarah Jane Pell Discovery Sarah Jane Pell Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, "Discovering Mars" VSSEC Victorian Space Science Education Centre, Australia. Photographer Richard Byrne, 2014.