BOARD OF ADVISORSPrimary Support Team

Satyabrata Dam David Pell Benjamin Pothier Paolo Nespoli Saeed Farouky Kerrie Dougherty Floyd Mueller Ian Fitchenbaum Nick Jaffe Barbara Imhof

2015 Board of Advisors

Satyabrata Dam has climbed the highest peaks of all the 7 continents including Mt Everest, skied to the North and South Poles, climbed the second highest peaks of 5 continents, climbed more than 350 peaks worldwide, walked the length of Africa from Tunisia to South Africa, traversed the ancient Silk route from Mongolia to Istanbul, and skied across the Greenland ice cap. Twitter: @satyabratadam

David Pell is a Senior Partner of AASB, qualified accountant and Registered Tax Agent with over thirty years of experience in auditing, consulting, accounting and taxation matters over a wide range of clients. David previously worked in a major international accounting firm, focusing on business systems and internal controls. He has considerable experience working with SMEs and for a number of years ran his own practice. David is also Sarah's Dad.

Benjamin Pothier is a French Artist, Film Director and a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the [C.A.I.I.A] Center for the Advanced Inquiry in the Integrative Arts, Plymouth University (UK). He was the first French selected for the Arctic Circle residency 2013 at 20° from the North pole, and the ARS BIO ARCTICA Residency 2014 at Kilpisjarvi's research station in lappland. Twitter: @BenjaminPothier

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli is an Italian master parachutist. In 2007, he flew as a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery for the STS-120 flight to the Internaional Space Station to deliver and install Node-2. His second spaceflight was as a flight engineer on Expedition 26/27 from December 2010 to May 2011. He has spent 174 days in space. Paolo was a Cavenaut for ESA CAVES 2013 and CAPCOM for NASA NEEMO 18 Undersea Mission 2014. Twitter: @astro_paolo

Saeed Taji Farouky is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who is always looking for a challenge. Whether it’s creating radically honest films, climbing mountains, training for ultramarathons, sailing in the Arctic or spending a year with the Afghanistan army, Saeed says the secret to success is to “be the person who can endure the longest.” He is co-founder of Tourist With A Typewriter Ltd. an award-winning London documentary production company. Twitter: @touristfilms

Kerrie Dougherty is an independent space educator and historian and a member of the Faculty of the International Space University, where she lectures in Space Humanities. An elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics, Kerrie serves on its History of Astronautics Committee. She also works with the Space Eductioan and Outreach Committe of the Inetrnational Astronautical Federation. Her PhD research is on the history of Australian space activities. Twitter: @KerrieDougherty

Prof. Floyd Mueller is Director of the Exertion Games Lab, Centre of Games Design Research at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. Mueller and his students design interactive experiences that combine play, gaming and sports thinking. Prior research includes roles at the University of Melbourne, MIT Media Lab, Media Lab Europe, Fuji-Xerox Palo Alto Laboratories, Xerox Parc, and at CSIRO where he lead a team working on the future of “Connecting People”. Twitter: @exertiongameslab

Ian Fichtenbaum is a New York City based finance professional working at the confluence of business, high technology and space. After several years working with the investment banking firm Near Earth LLC, Ian now advises several organisations, including venture capital firm Palm Drive Ventures, the Silicon Valley Space Center and to Outernet, the satellite-enabled project to ensure that no person on earth is ever again disconnected from knowledge and information. Twitter: @ianfichten

Nick Jaffe studied photography at Victorian College of the Arts but sold his camera to set out on a solo voyage from the UK to Sydney aboard a 1972 Contessa 26. The feature length documentary 'Between Home' by Jack Rath captures his story over 2006-2009: with little sailing experience, an enormous amount of work and generosity, he made it. In 2014, Nick founded The Privacy Workshop. He also runs the Melbourne Documentary Filmmaking Lab and The Drone Club. Twitter: @nickjaffe

Dr. Barbara Imhof is a principal, managing director, project manager and design architect at LIQUIFER Systems Group and expert in business development, systems design, human factors, interdisciplinary research and international cooperation. She earned a PhD in Architecture in 2006 on ‘An Architectural Approach to a Long Duration Human Space Mission; Case study: Human Mission to Mars’ and a Master’s in Space Studies from the International Space University 1997.

In an effort to push the boundaries of what defines exploration, I have invited a Board to guide the Bending Horizons dream. The 2015 Board of Advisors serves to advocate, encourage, and hold me accountable to the expedition mission and core values. There is no limit to the ways their contributions will help redefine the concept of exploration --from a big idea and passion-- to exciting talent, leadership and insight in the arts, business, technology, exploration, environment and social engagement.